• 31 March 2021
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I cleared my outstanding account with previous provider on 17th March but direct debit  due to be taken by Pure Planet on 29th March has not yet happened. How do I find out how/if switch to Pure Planet is progressing or do I have to start all over again and forego fixed tariff via MSExpert?

4 replies

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hi @SCS 


It’s unclear whether or how you have cleared your obligation to the previous supplier because

You pay the previous supplier up to your switch date, but your PP direct debit should have been taken before the supplier produced their final bill.

Did you verify your switch? (If not you won’t switch but as you have a date for the DD it isn’t clear).

Post back ? (with more info)

OR use help&support (wattbot) to send a question to the staff.


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Sounds like your previous supplier may have stopped the switch due to arrears on the account which you have now cleared.  I would go back onto MSE and reapply to pure planet as they will be able to take over supply.  I see you have not told us if the previous supplier has issued you a final bill, if they have not they will continue to supply you and you will need top do the above and reapply.  You usually get an Email from PP telling you your start dates and direct debit dates etc.



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If your direct debit has not been taken, it would seem that the switch was blocked by your supplier due to the outstanding balance. 

You will need to apply again from scratch, your application from MSE will have been logged in PP's systems so you should retain the tariff you applied for providing you use the same email address, and if the tariff is different you can always contact PP via Wattbot to clarify.

As others have said you will continue to be billed by your present supplier until they produce a final bill, which can take up to 6 weeks after switching

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Hi @SCS 

Does this help?