switched supplier, final bill HUGE, PP stopped trading

  • 8 December 2021
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I switched supplier a couple of months back before PP stopped reading. I has very busy in the back half of the year, and allowed them to estimate my final readings.


now they’ve ceased trading, I’ve a final bill of £600 (which is estimated for one week of electricity), and don’t know if I can correct this. The bill says the money will be deducted in 14 days. Happy Christmas.


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5 replies

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Hi @Alt2021 

You need to contact PP this is a community forum and we do not have access to you account (mainly as majority are fellow customer) contact the team via wattbot or the website via help and ask a question. Please note it’s not a live chat and can take 1-3 working days for a response. 

Should I do this via their help email or by other means?

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Via wattbott you get the quickest response. On the app go to help > got to the bottom you are after ask a question > say speak to team 

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 The bill says the money will be deducted in 14 days. Happy Christmas.

If you are satisfied this has to be wrong then

(a) if they hold a credit, seems unlikely now if you switched some months ago, then you need to make contact with them with the correct readings and follow the advice above but if using Wattbot do make sure you type in the words at the beginning of your message “message the team., or

(b) if you have no credit with them, stop your direct debit immediately.

Hey @Alt2021 

@Lapa is spot on here that in this case it’s best to contact the Member Services team. They’ll be able to check this out for you. It’d be really helpful if you did have any readings close to when you switched supplier, too.