Submitting readings

  • 13 September 2019
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I've tried 3 times on 3 separate days to submit my initial readings but I don't think they've uploaded. No green tick. What now?

1 reply

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hello not (sorry to be informal, may I call you by your first name?)
Are you on app or online?
What did you see after you submitted?
If on app can you log in online at and try there?

Can you take a screenshot or make a note of what you see, you should get I think you should get a something to say thanks for the readings or similar (must admit I've never taken much notice but I will try later and report back.)
It is possible (in fact likely) that it's an issue with your account at PP's end, but before following that option I think it's worth trying the other option (app/online) just to check.

(You can only enter readings once a day or it could be once every 24 hours, I must admit I've never been sure which, but I doubt that's the issue here)