Smart Meter removal

  • 1 November 2018
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Hi there, my landlord who lives upstairs had a smart meter fitted by E-on but now has his energy supplied by yourself. The said meter is on the outside wall of my flat and had been making me ill due to the constant pulsing of microwave radiation. Unfortunately am a sufferer of electro-sensitivity. I have spoken with to him about the metre giving me all kinds of health issues and he is happy to get the meter replaced by an analogue one. However, he is under the impression that this cannot be done. I know differently and know of people that have been successful at getting them removed. Please can you advise me who I need to speak to to get the meter changed? If the meter is not removed ASAP he is going to lose a good tenant as I will have no option but to move out. This is a situation neither of us want so we need to find a solution quickly.

Thanks in advance, Mark.

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