smart meter installation - is it obligatory?

  • 9 October 2021
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I haven’t ever requested a smart meter installation but have been told to expect a call from Magnum about an installation date. Do I have to agree to have a smart meter installed?


Also, do Pure Planet smart meters work if you change supplier?

4 replies

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Hi Molly 


welcome to the community. 

no you do not have to agree to a smart meter. Smart meter is optional at PP.  They rang me also and I told them I wasn’t interested and they were fine. 

hope this answers your query. 

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Also, do Pure Planet smart meters work if you change supplier?

generally, if you change suppliers the smart meters revert back to "dumb meters", ie not smart. But work is progressing to get them back online. 

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There is no obligation to have a smart meter installed, if you don't want one and you get a call just say, no thanks I don't want one.

The smart meters fitted by PP are SMETS2 type and, they should work with all suppliers

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hello Molly 

just to explain why you’re seeing two conflicting replies above, which might confuse you, the first reply is incorrect. (although a long while back it wasn’t)

With the older type 1 meters which are no longer fitted by any supplier, many of these could not be updated immediately  when you moved to a new supplier, some of the updates to make (most of ) them work took years. Some still can’t be updated and need changing.

That is no longer the case, all suppliers are fitting type 2 meters (known as smets2) and these will work if you change suppliers, but with a fairly brief period during the transition where they will be dumb for a short while.

Stop me if you already know this but there is a lot of confusion among consumers between the Smart Meter and the IHD (in-home display). The meter is on the wall the IHD which is NOT a smart meter is a monitoring device and doesn’t always work properly even if you have the latest meter fitted. It can refuse to work even though the smart meter part (on the wall) is working as intended and sending automatic readings. 

I’m telling you this because it’s possible that what you were asking is will the IHD work if you change suppliers. The answer is if it worked before there is a good chance it will work again but they are generally flaky and sometimes don’t connect properly.

and no obligation to have one, it won’t save you any money at all that you can’t already save by switching stuff off, the only thing is it might spur you on if you see the £££.