Should I replace all my bulbs with LED bulbs

  • 8 September 2017
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I've been thinking of replacing all the light bulbs in my house with LED bulbs.
Has anyone else done this? Did they notice a difference in their bills?
I've found a site online where I can replace all my existing bulbs for £50 (I don't have a big house but it's roughly 17 bulbs).

I also have two 4ft fluorescent bulbs in our kitchen. Are these efficient or should I look at replacing these too?

1 reply

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Hi @Hiphopopotamus,

Have you had a look at Which's page on bulbs? They've got some really useful info. They're saying that each fluorescent lamp bulb (CFL bulb) can save £7 a year if it replaces a normal 60w bulb. Are these what you're using in your kitchen? LED bulbs apparently provide an almost £7.50 saving, so not a huge amount more than CFL bulbs, but definitely more efficient.

Are you using 60w bulbs in most of the house?

Is anyone else in the Community using LED or CFL bulbs? What can you recommend to @hiphopoptamus?