SHELL ENERGY - Should my Meter Serial Number (MSN) provided with my new Shell login, be the same as my PP Supplier ID?

  • 25 December 2021
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Shell Energy have set up my account today (Christmas day ūüė≥) and I have a Meter Serial number with this account.¬†

Should this serial number match the Electricity Supply Number issued on PP statements?


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12 replies

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Just to update, the number on the front of my actual meter, matches the Shell Energy SERIAL number (MSN). 

I believe the SUPPLIER ID number is different, and possibly changes with each switch, but not certain. 

Main thing is, my Serial number attached to my new account, matches that in my fuel cupboard. 

Every day‚Äôs a school day! Yes even Christmas Day! ūüė≥ūü§£ūüĎć

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I'm impressed that you actually went to check today, even if it was wrong you couldn't have done anything til Wednesday probably

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They should match unless you have changed the meter. Press the button on the smart meter. Does it not confirm your supplier? For the moment mine says PP. the meter’s serial number is personal to the meter so as to identify it. The supplier’s ID likewise is personal to the supplier as our account numbers are to us. Unless your supplier is PP!

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Yep all matches, I just didn’t realise the PP Supply number would be different, that’s totally separate number, like an admin number, to the meter serial number (MSN). Happy to get it all set up, and correct. 

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Do any of these match?

List of suppliers and their numbers (Gas)

From above:

Pure Planet Limited   09735688
Shell Energy Europe Limited   04162523
Shell Energy Retail Limited   05070887
Shell Energy UK Limited  07489042


and to disambiguate for anyone else who arrives here,

Supplier number (no one will ask - usually)
Electricity Supply Number MPAN (only digits 11-18 are the core unique identifier  for your physical supply)
Gas Supply Number MPRN (afaik all digits of this is a unique physical identifier, not sure?)

*Electricity Meter Serial
*Gas Meter Serial

*(structure: (Manufacturer, YY calibration/certification, Company, XXXXX(X) serial)



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I note my Shell app shows the correct meter readings for 17/10/21 so my bill in January when I submit the readings at the beginning of January, or they collect them, should be correct. I am sure most here will have checked this but if you haven’t it is worth checking that your Shell app shows your last reading taken by PP.  The app did though suggest I apply to have a smart meter. It seems the fact that I have one has not been registered but it may just be a blanket advertisement for everybody.

Looks like PP departure date for me will be about 10 days time.

Hi all.

I jsut got an email to activate my shell account. Did any one else get this email? I worry about spam and fraud emails.

thank you 

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@Shelfy A lot of us have received one. Many sent out in the last three days. I got mine a few days ago but today more account detail personal to me and my home is there. It looks like all is ready now for me to send a reading. I’ll do that the beginning of next month as they indicate they will send me a bill on the same day I used to get them from PP. in my case the 5th of the month.

@G4RHL thank you so so much. I was worried to activate just incase it was a scam. I will activate now and thank you for letting me know next steps. 

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@Shelfy You won’t be asked any personal info as they already have it.

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Only just seen your post, @Shelfy but yes indeed, all legit, had mine Christmas Eve, and parents Christmas Day. Super easy to set up, and submit readings. 

Thank you @Bev you guys are the best. Merry Christmas xx