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  • 20 September 2017
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Hi all

After updating my app I got the link and shared it on facebook

my son tried to use it but when you click on "lets get going" you get an error

the web page at ppe://open?link_click_id=413271214611802822 could not be loaded because:


I tried from my phone and it does the same

3 replies

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Hi @RobDodd, thanks for letting me know about this. I'm going to talk to the team now to see how we can sort this out. Is it only your son who has tried it so far or have other friends/family been able to use it successfully?
Hi Toby

I just asked my wife to try and she has same result (different link id)
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Hi @RobDodd,
My team mate is going to send you an email so that we can get to the bottom of it. We need to do a little troubleshooting 🙂. Thanks for being patient while we sort it out!