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  • 26 August 2021
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The WattBot is okay but I feel like they need to take on more staff because a week for a reply via email is ridiculous, even 2-3 days for the chat service is very slow compared to most other companies. I wouldn’t mind but the service ‘crashed’ and the chat disappeared so now I’ll have to wait another 3 days to get a reply I needed fairly urgently.

Is there any plans to try and reduce the amount of time in the future? and I get you don't want a call centre but there needs to be a way to get in touch quickly.

2 replies

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hi Kieran

read through before you rant- (just in case you think I’m being defensive which I’m not)

It isn’t a chat service. No one said it was.

3 days is tops they usually respond in one or 2 working days.

All the other companies I’ve dealt with take a lot lot lot longer to reply to emails than the 3 days PP quote (that’s from real life experience with 3 other similar companies, one took nearly 3 weeks to respond, other than the usual we’ve got your email which is instant)

Urgent is relative, there’s an emergency option for really urgent problems (no power etc.)

If you think something is really urgent and can’t wait a few days (and very few things are) ask advice in the community, depending on what it is you may find it’s possible to escalate but you can’t run customer services through the community.

If PP took on the staff to respond as a chat someone would have to pay for it.

I sympathise I really do and I agree wattbot isn’t perfect, that’s where the improvements need to happen.

Is there anything the community can help you with?


I know the bot’s not a chat service but its also the platform they use to talk to people on, and most companies I’ve dealt with via online chat its been normally same day reply.

I think the frustrating thing is with the service going down briefly its lost the chat so in total it’ll have been 6 days (if its a 3 day wait again). I just feel there needs to be some form of protection against that like a chat reference code you can quote to get back in or something along those lines.

The Issue was with signing up, the switch had failed to go through but I received emails saying it’d been successful ect and after the 17 days set up the money went out for it. but since it failed my old supplier was still the one providing the energy so I was being billed by both.