Replacement gas boiler enquiry

  • 16 August 2021
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My gas combi boiler is over 20 years old.  As my only income is my meagre state pension, can I get help towards the cost of a new boiler?


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5 replies

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hi @Tony Fyson 

Under certain circumstances you can but it depends on whether you claim certain benefits.

Have a read here:

Hi @Tony Fyson 

In addition to @woz’s reply, there may be ‘local’ schemes in operation, Wales for example has this one:

 Nest | Eligibility (

And my friend had loft insulation supplied by a company working in conjunction with E.on.


Hello @Tony Fyson 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Some really fab advice here from @Gwyndy and @woz - we don’t deal with boilers here at Pure Planet, but we do offer the Warm Home Discount. 

You can read more on that here:

You may also find it useful to look into the ECO scheme -  there may be a local installer online who participates in ECO, as they’ll be able to access funding through any suppliers they are partnered with. Your local authority may be able to help, too.
It’s definitely worth noting in terms of ECO, it doesn't matter which supplier you’re with - you can have an installation funded through any supplier who’s ECO obligated. There’s more info on the ECO scheme on Ofgem’s website

I hope this helps!

@Tony Fyson Also bear in mind that unless you really have to change the existing boiler,a new one will not save any money. Unless of course you can get it supplied free under a scheme.

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@Tony Fyson 

As @G4RHL , says don't replace it just because it's old, my boiler is now 24 years old and recently serviced, everything is fine

I too am on a meager pension but don't qualify for any additional benefits, so don't qualify for the grants.

If you don't qualify for the grants, it's unlikely that you would get your money back, never mind making any savings