• 5 December 2021
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Hi all, 

Can anyone advise on the refund process. 

I received an email from PP on 15th October to say that my refund has been processed by PP and that I should receive it within 7 days, but I haven't received anything at all.

Any advice would be appreciated. 

Thank you! 


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3 replies

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Hi @Luke_de ,

It was unfortunate about the timing for your refund, with Pure Planet going into administration at almost exactly the time you got that notification. Did you switch away to create the refund scenario, or was it the result of an account review?
Your credit is protected anyway, and you’ll just have to have patience with the (Ofgem regulated) switchover of PP customer accounts to Shell. That is probably going to take until January. Once Shell have your account you’ll be able to chase the refund if it isn’t forthcoming.

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Hey @Luke_de and welcome to the Community! 

Glad to see you’ve already received fantastic help from @Antski:grin:

It may be worth getting in touch with our Member Services team to check this one out, looking at the timings written on your post - it may be that the refund had been processed before Pure Planet ceased trading. They’ll be able to check this one out for you and confirm. 

You can get in touch with them through ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’ when logged in to your app, or at

If it hadn’t already been processed, then Shell Energy will be able to refund your credit once your account’s transferred to them. 

Hope that helps?