• 9 November 2021
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I switched away a while back and account was in credit but you have taken another DD. Can you confirm a) do I need to cancel the DD and b) how do I get the full credit back





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Hello @ColinL 

Thanks for posting! A really useful FAQ shared by @25 quid here. Keeping the DD active is handy for processing refunds, so we recommend keeping it active. Your final bill can take up to 6 weeks to be produced, normally, but in these circumstances it’ll take a little longer. 

Your credit is protected and will be refunded to you after your final bill’s been sent to you, again this may take a little longer than usual. 

I hope this helps!

Hi @Mads thanks for the reply. I am afraid it is over 6 weeks now and I can’t keep the DD open as I can’t afford you to keep taking a substantial figure each month. I will wait a further two weeks for refund before taking advice




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Unfortunately the timing couldn't be worse for you, as any delays in transferring our accounts to Shell is beyond PP's control.

The recommendation to keep the direct debit active is so that when your final bill is eventually produced it will make any refunds easier, but it also has the disadvantage of paying yet another direct debit. 

The decision to cancel is entirely yours but If you do decide to cancel your direct debit, it will delay the process as Shell will need to contact you to arrange the refund, and could add extra time after the final bill is produced.




unfortunately I am not in a position to financially support two energy companies. I switched way before they went under and they have already taken TWO direct debits even though the account was in credit. 
final bill was processed two weeks before they declared. So sorry not prepared to subsidise Them any longer 

but thanks  

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Have you contacted the team via wattbott? They can look at your account whereas on the community we can only offer advice 

@ColinL ,

Have you actually asked PP what is happening? They shouldn't be taking any more payments if you have actually had your final bill (which you state you have).

I am in a similar situation but not had a final bill sent to me yet 

I switched electric away on 1st September and had gas disconnected on 13th September. So at that point I was no longer getting any energy from PP. They took the usual September payment on the 18th (as expected, too close to not take it) but nothing was taken in October. I am still waiting for my final bill and eventual refund, which has got caught up in the move to shell.

Hey @ColinL 

If you’ve received your final statement already then that changes things! I definitely think it’s best to get in touch with our Member Services team so they can check for a final statement and your Direct Debit status. 

Let us know how you get on? 

To get in touch with them, you can log in to your app or at and select ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’. Since this is specific to your account, you may also want to type ‘message the team’. :thumbsup:

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Have you asked your bank to reverse the payments? If they were taken in error you should be covered by the DD guarantee. Don’t let the bank tell you that if the company is in administration they can’t reverse it, that is their problem not yours, the DD guarantee is very robust.

@ColinL I would follow up on @woz ’s advice and check with the bank. Don’t be surprised if, as @woz says, they try to say they can’t change things. They can. The DD is their guarantee to you, not yours to them!