Pure Planet in warm home discount scheme?

  • 9 August 2020
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Pure Planet are now in the W.H.D.scheme 


7 replies

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Will those in the “broader group”, receive the 2020/21 WHD, if a PP customer?

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does this answer your question?

from above link


There are 2 ways to qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme:

No. I am already aware of the “Core” and “Broader” group elements within the WHD scheme. I was asking about the eligibility of those in the Broader Group, with Purple Planet. As they have chosen to offer the WHD, even though not obliged to due to their size. I need to know before I switch, if the WHD will be available for the Broader Group, as well as the Core Group?

Hey @prunepie and welcome to the Community :relaxed:

Looks like you’ve received some really good advice from @woz

You’d receive the Warm Home Discount if you apply and are eligible :thumbsup:this link explains how you can register your interest, so we can email you when the scheme launches.

I was already aware of how the WHD scheme works. I just wanted to know how it would apply to Purple Planet, as due to their size they are offering the WHD on a voluntary basis.


2. If you don't already get the guarantee element of pension credit, but you do get other benefits, you MAY still be eligible. The criteria first needs to be agreed between Pure Planet and Ofgem. Once this has been done, we’ll update Members in the Autumn.


The operative word here is “MAY”. I have until the end of September 2020, to switch from my current supplier to Purple Planet. Therefore, it would be useful to know if those in the Broader Group got the WHD for 2019/20, when signed up with PP?

Hi @prunepie 

You can now find the link to our agreed eligibility criteria in our Warm Home Discount FAQ - hope that’s helpful :thumbsup: .