PSR notifications - are they consistent and reliable?

  • 8 December 2021
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We're on PSR. On Sunday we had a power cut, and I got a text message almost within minutes,  as my number is the one registered. The power was restored in under 1 hour,  so the service worked as expected. 

Last night, we had another power cut but I got no notification. Another member of the household got a notification, but only because of requesting information from UKPN on the status of the first power cut and providing their number on Sunday (not registered for PSR).

The power was restored by 4am today.

Is there a reason why my number registered with PSR didn't get notification on the 2nd power cut? I would like to be reassured the PSR is reliable. 


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@Mozzo I am not sure what PSR is but if it sounds like something to do with the grid company that controls and maintains the supply and if I am right it is they you need to take this query to, 

Northern Power Grid covers my area and in recent weeks I have had many text messages and emails from them to update me on what they are doing, although we have not had a power cut. It is only me that gets the messages, not my wife, but she will not be logged in as the user.

Your query makes me wonder whether I should add her as a user as well so that she gets the messages as well as I.

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I’m guessing PSR is the priority services register Rich. However, as I’ve never been on it I don’t know much about it. 

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The Priority Service Register messaging is controlled by the DNO (your local network operator) so I’m afraid you would have to take this up with them.

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Thanks @woz 

That's the answer I was probably expecting but I thought I'd start here.

The main thing is that at least one person in the household gets any notifications.