printing a monthly bill

  • 21 October 2017
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Can I print a mo.thly bill showing my address, monthly
Usage and costs for gas and electricity?

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Morning @Ashok! Of course you can. You'll get a statement from us every month by email and you are more than welcome to print this out.

How long have you been with us for?
Dear Sir

I have been with Pure Plant for nearly six months now.
but have not received any statements of usage thus showing balance on my account.
I require a bill/statement with my address shown on the face of the statement with the following details:

I await you response.

Thanks for coming back, @Ashok. I have edited your address and other private information – this is a public forum and we wouldn't anyone to access that data.

All our energy members, like yourself, receive their monthly statements via email. I can confirm that we have sent your bills to you, but I want to check if we have the right email address.

I'll follow shortly with a direct message.

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Hi @Ashok,
Have you seen my colleague @GabrieL's email? If so, please let me know and I can investigate how to help you.
NO Toby I have not received your email regading priting of the bill.
Can you send me the monthly statements on this email id.
thank you
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Hi @Ashok, I shall raise this with the team now and get this sorted for you.

FYI - I have edited out your email address from the public community to keep your info safe :)

Just to make sure, I also wanted to ask if you've checked your Spam and Promotions email folders?

I shall return with an update.