Perceived continuation of paying membership fee...a comment

  • 17 November 2021
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hi Marc

as you closed the topic I couldn’t comment there

I would add that since PP are no longer supplying that element of the DD can no longer be considered to be a membership fee but now just becomes part of your balance pot which Shell will use for any of your charges, rather than discriminating that a particular element of the DD is a membership fee or a standing charge.

Pedantic I know...but I think it’s important to point that out and I didn’t get that vibe from your post.

3 replies

So said another way, you’re looking to confirm that all of our payments are going to be transferred to Shell as a credit?

Did I understand @woz? If so, it seems a fair request to me @Marc.

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@25 quid yes, that’s the thrust of it, I’m fairly confident that will be the case, I just thought it needed some disambiguation.

Hi @woz 

The gist we’re trying to explain here is that the costs that add up to a Members’ monthly Direct Debit, including the membership fee, all have an equivalent cost at Shell (ie standing charge). 

Ultimately, yes, all payments that add to a credit with Pure Planet will be transferred to and protected by Shell. 

Hope that helps explain.