• 11 October 2021
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I have received an email from my old supplier, People's Energy whom I have not been with for several months, contacting me about my switch to British Gas now that they have gone bust.  I obviously do not want my account with Pure Planet to be closed accidentally.  Who can I talk to about this and/ or what can I do?

2 replies

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I don’t think you need to talk to anyone, others who are no longer customers  of P.E. have had similar.

I say this in the knowledge that there is no limit to human stupidity,  so anything is possible, but I don’t believe they will or could move you  you to BG.

However even if it did happen you would then receive an email from PP saying you were going at which point you would let PP know it was erroneous.

Also were it to continue you could then talk to BG who are the ones organising the migration. 

Have you received a further email asking for meter readings? Others who were with P.E have done.

There is no point whatsoever talking to PP at this stage.

Others may wish to offer an opinion.

Hello @Tuonela 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Some fab advice from @woz here - this issue has come up a few times on the Community, we believe it to be a technical issue - we’re unsure how its happened. But I can reassure you that you’re on supply with us still as normal. 

I hope this helps!