npower duet 2 ihd stopped connecting

  • 10 January 2021
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My smart meters and duet 2 ihd were supplied by npower. Since then I've changed suppliers more than once and I'm currently with pure planet. The duet 2 continued to connect to the meters after I left npower including with pure planet. However when I tried to use the duet 2 this week it failed to connect. I think my meters are smets1. I think at least one of them is Landis and Gyr. I noticed in one of the faqs by nataly that the delayed plans to make smets1 meters be smart with other suppliers was due to start December 2020. So I'm wondering if that process has started and that's why I can't use the duet 2 any more. Or is there something else I can do to get the duet 2 to work again?

1 reply

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As you probably read in the FAQ's, the updates to SMETS1 meters us overseen by the DCC, and as such out of PP's control, but it could take some months before all meters are updated.

As regards the Duet 2 not working, you could try the old power off/on trick for now, it sometimes works but no guarantee, but you have nothing to lose trying it.