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  • 12 August 2021
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I am not getting any login emails. I am using my .mac email address which has worked before. I am not using a vpn and they are not in my junk folder. When I enter my email address in the login it tells me an email has been sent. This happens both on the app and the website. I have just tried entering a different email address and that one worked, but obviously the link was invalid.


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7 replies

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If it says it’s sending the email then so far in my experience it is. (There was a similar issue with hotmail a while back which in fact might still be an issue? where the sending address  had to be added to safe senders list I think? )

Are you sure your mail settings are not filtering?

What email client are you using?

I’m using apple’s emails client on iOS and Mac OS, plus Spark on iOS. I’ve whitelisted pureplanet’s email address so it should be coming through. I’ve also tried logging in via three different browsers.

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I suppose there is always a first time where the email isn’t being sent, have you added to your list?

Do you have access to wattbot (help>ask a Q) in app?

yes, I have added to my whitelist. I don’t have access to Wattbot in the app as I can’t log in to the app.

just discovered I don’t need to login to access wattbot. Trying that now.


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just be aware, human replies aren’t instant.

@Marc or @Mads  or @Nataly  can you ask the team to check if the login mail is being sent?

Hello @Mactonex64 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! 

If you contact me via dm with your account’s email address by clicking on my name here @Mads and hitting send message, I can flag this with the team to check why you aren’t receiving the emails. 

I hope this helps!