No where to add meter reading

  • 20 August 2021
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I am logged in and trying to send my first meter reading. I have an email from PP. I logged in via the link but there is nowhere to do it. I downloaded the app and it is rubbish. I try and login but it does not have a home page with options, just trues to get me to get a quote. On the desktop I cannot see - View more about your tariff & meter' and then select 'Send a meter reading. It is not there!!



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6 replies

@mpepperhouse Assuming you are in the latest app then when one opens it, on the Home page there is a bar 1/3rd up from the botttom that says “Send a meter reading” Is that not working? I have checked on my iPhone and it seems OK.


No this is all I see. I have clicked on every link I can see in the app and on the desktop to no avail. 

That seems to imply you have not yet switched to PP or if you have the process us still under way. If you have switched then try deleting the app on your mobile and then loading it in again. If you have switched your opening screen, instead of talking about a switch gives you links to usage, tariff, readings etc. If you are in the midst of switching wait until the process is done and then try the app again. It seems as though the PP computer at present does not yet know you are a member.

Thank you!  They sent me the email to add a reading so it is a bit confusing. Will wait q day or two and check again.

Also @mpepperhouse check you are logging in with the same email address — sorry if that sounds obvious, but sometimes people have two. One with the live account and one getting a new quote.