No longer have access to email. Nobody is responding to emails or Wattbot

  • 26 August 2021
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I’ve lost access to my email address and need to close the account.


I’ve emailed and contacted the wattbot thing but nobody is respsonding.


What can I do?


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Replies aren’t instant, you will get a reply as long as it said your message was passed to the team.

Are you logged into your account??? If so you need to fill in the moving out section and you won’t need your email to do that

Are you moving out or switching suppliers?

If moving out and it’s close to your move out date make sure you take photos of the meters a couple of days before the move out date and on the day if you can.

If it’s within a couple of days already and you can’t access your account attach the photos to a wattbot message and explain that you’re moving out. 

I appreciate replies aren’t instant but it’s been 10 days since I got the ‘FOR INFO: We've got your email’ email...

I cannot log into my account, I moved out a few weeks ago and I’ve cancelled my direct debit.

Hey @splib 

Have you tried heading back into ‘ask a question’, on the device you messaged WattBot and the team from about this? Since you can’t access your account I flagged this one up with our team, who’ve let me know they last messaged on 25 August? Hopefully you’ll be able to see their reply if you reopen the chat! 

Let us know how you get on. 


oh if only there was a notification… 😉 

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oh if only there was a notification… 😉 


A number on the app icon and a number on the Help tab at the bottom of the app and a number on the wattbot to guide the user to the fact there is a reply waiting.

Email reply if it was an email enquiry.

Thanks for letting me know. I checked all my devices to try and find any reply.

My initial email has not been replied to and I did not receive any email from when I contacted Wattbot. I also did not have any notification bubble on the app icon from my phone’s app menu, no number on the Wattbot or anyway of knowing I had had a reply apart from this thread in the community! But I did eventually find a reply from the Pure Planet app on my phone - guessing I’ll have to check regularly.


Sadly, email replies sometimes end up in a spam folder or just never arrive @splib.

The app notification remains on the to do list, so just keep checking in the app to see if there’s a reply.