No electricity supply

  • 6 February 2018
  • 7 replies

I got home from work yesterday to no electricity,i rang 105 because you don't appear to have a number to call, they said it was a supplier issue, you should of changed my electricity over but you have not, I've had no electricity now for almost 24 hours,please can someone get in touch.

7 replies

Hi @Bev84 someone will be in touch immediately. Am passing this on to the team right now
Hi @Bev84 I know that you're liaising with someone from the team and it's getting sorted but DM me anytime if you want.
Hi, I'd like to arrange an emergency call out for my gas meter replacement today.

Good morning @Bev84 that's fine. I know that you were speaking to the team yesterday about your electricity meter too. I will flag this up so it gets sorted. Also I have moved your gas meter post into this original thread so that it's all in one place - easier to follow that way!
Please could you ask the team to yse this number instead as i am at work.
I would just like to thank the team that dealt with the issue, i understand that is was caused by my previous supplier, and once contact was made with your team it was rectified swiftly, and they kept me well informed throughout, i would suggest a 24 hour emergency contact for cases like mine where electricity is off rather than the 105 number, ither than tgat i look forward to using cleaner energy!
Hi @Bev84
That's fantastic news! Great to hear it was sorted. And thanks for coming back into the community to let us. I will pass on your message to the team 👍