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  • 14 November 2021
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Will we still be on the old agreed tarriff rates we had with Pure Planet for the electric & gas  currently being used whilst we are in limbo & waiting for Shell to move us over & migrate our accounts.?

Or will we be charged the higher tarriff rates announced by shell immediately?

Because as yet surley we are not under contract with Shell until terms and conditions are published & agreed and our  accounts are fully transfered and closing & opening readings accepted.

Credits payments and readings don't seems to be altering on the old site so we have no record of our transactions or balance movement of our payments 


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The first email you received from Shell informed you that effective 17 October, they were responsible for your supply, you then received another informing you of the tarrif you are on. 

You were advised to take meter readings, and you could  still enter them into PP's systems.

No statements have been produced since the date of takeover, but any payments into your account should still show in the balance and payments section of your account, although there will be no energy charges costs deducted

When you say terms and conditions have not been agreed, Ofgem did that on your behalf when they appointed Shell as the SoLR, we don't have any choice or option in the matter



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Aye, you should've had emails from Shell. Have you checked your junk email folder , maybe they've gone in there. 

@alcorn63 As others have advised PP is no longer your supplier. It is Shell from the middle of October. PP is in administration and the administrator has abrogated your contract with PP.  You will/should get an apportioned bill next time you get one (no idea when!) that covers the period from your last bill up to the 17th October. Just keep taking your readings each month and ideally a photo of the meter. Check the photo of the electric meter is clear, mine often isn’t due to the poor quality of the display.

I've done that thank you,taken pictures and submitted, when bills were originally due with PP  account has not been updated with readings sent . I have also cancelled my DD.  However I believe I'm in credit enough to cover this last months energy used . I have received an email from Shell stating tarriff we *will*  be on but nothing to say  from when . I now know, Thank for info very much appreciated 👍🏻

@alcorn63 You will be on the Shell tariff from the 17th October last. It will be sometime though before you may get a bill. If your credit balance is not going to last long I suggest you put to one aside the likely cost for when it all goes active. That could be next year . You should be able to work out each month’s likely cost. You know the per KWh charge for each fuel. You will know from your meter readings what has been consumed  since your last bill. If on a smart meter your electric meter reads in kWhs so that one is easy. Your gas meter probably in m3. The formula currently used by PP to convert your M3 to kWhs is

KWhs = m3 x 1.02264 x 39.8 / 3.6

Don’t forget your standing charge for each fuel. Shell will have given you that as pence per day. If you can set up a spreadsheet just do a simple one that runs the formula each month so that you simply put in the m3 consumed. Something like the following does the job:

The formula behind 92.04 is the m3 amount multiplied by 1.02264; the next line is that result multiplied by 39.8 and the final one the last figure divided by 3.6

The 28 units is what I had used as shown in my bill to 4th October. The last time I received one.

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If you don't want to do that calculation it's a bit easier to multiply the m3 by 11.31, it's close enough to make little difference, and the volume correction figure changes anyway