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  • 13 October 2021
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Hello I have sent you a new readying and not received my new statement it is saying I am in debit by far to much 

2 replies

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Hi @Laney1964  welcome to the community. I believe it takes 48 hours to receive your statement. (I submit on 14th and get mine on 16th) if it has been longer than that double check your junk items it may have gone into there. You can request a review of your account on the app and they can look into your account payments for you. 

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Just to add, your statement is emailed to you on the same day each month, and can also be viewed in the app.

If you haven't received it, not sure how you know what it's saying? Bear in mind that the statement sometimes arrives the day before your monthly direct debit is paid, so it's always worth checking a day or two later in the app when the balance has been updated.

If you are in debt post back here and give us an idea of the problem - is the balance debit larger than your latest monthly payment, for example?

Right now this is the best place to get quick advice…