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  • 17 January 2018
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I switched 17/12/17 to you. Paid old supplier 11/12/17. Paid you 18/12/17. They (old Company) then took next payment 11/1/18. You Pure Planet are now going to take my next payment 19/1/18. At about £110 a month at a time usually that is £440 in just over five weeks. I may have to cancel the payment due to you 19/1/18 as there is no more money to allocate to gas and electric this month. Where is all my money going? Why did I switch if it costs this much?

7 replies

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Hi @DaninWallsend and welcome!

It sounds like you switched to us and then had a normal Direct Debit taken by your old supplier which can still happen while the switching process is taking place. The second charge from them was a final bill after you fully switched for any energy you used after your normal Direct Debit date.

We take the first payment in advance when members join us, which is why we had a charge for you on the 18/12/17 and will then have another on 19/1/18. Have you spoken to your old supplier to confirm that the second payment they took was for your final bill?
Yes I have. It appears correct. But it would have been nice to know that changing supplier would mean four payments in five weeks. I could do with putting back tomorrow’s payment by a week to Pure Planet. How?
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Hi @DaninWallsend, thanks for the feedback on that. We'll see if we can try to make things clearer. Please head to My Account in the app and then to Your Payments. You can change the date on which we take monthly direct debits.
Hello. Too close to tomorrow’s date to change the date through Pure Planets app. So I have had to delete/cancel it in my bank app and now need to establish a new date for payment by dd this month. Please advise how.
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Hi @DaninWallsend, I shall talk to our member services team about this and ask them to contact you via email.
Hi @DaninWallsend, I shall talk to our member services team about this and ask them to contact you via email.

Well we’ll surprise surprise. No one has so far as I know been in touch for ten days. I had to cancel that debit due but expected contact by now.
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Hi @DaninWallsend,
Sorry to hear you're still waiting! Let me talk to the team and see if we can get this sorted asap 🙂.