New customer: App’s Send Reading disabled

Hi all,

Just joined this lovely green community by switching over to Pure. Got a mail to send the first reading BUT the option in the app is still disabled.
I am guessing it’s only me, so it’ll be great if anyone could please guide me on how to enable this option to send a reading

-Cheers Polts

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Hi and welcome.
When you say just joined what exactly do you mean?
Are you trying to enter initial meter readings?
If its the initial readings then the email may of arrived a few hours early so i would try again tomorrow.
Just checking are you logged into the sure you are but just checking.
Hi @Polts
And a lovely welcome to you too!
Thanks for posting :)
Are you still not able to send a meter reading?
Thanks for your wishes @Jon1 and @Marc.
And sorry if I’ve not been clear up front on my situation. @Jon1, by “joining Pure”, I meant that I had applied to Pure Planet to switch to them from my existing supplier. Pure Planet has now confirmed that I need to send my first reading by 26/7. I am assuming this implies that the switch is done.
Based on this mail, I am trying to submit the readings but the option to submit readings under My Account seems disabled ????. I have tried again today, tried by restarting the app as well but with the same outcome
Please let me know what else I can possibly try
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Hi again. Hmmm indeed that is a strange one.normally you do as follows.
Tap 3 bars top right of home page.
Page turns green tap my account.tap enter a reading.
At what point does it go wrong also which device are you using and what is the ios system. Could be a glitch somewhere.
Try a DM to marc and give him the readings and he should be able to pass them on for sure he will also pick up on here.
I am using an iPhone 7 (iOS 11.4.1). The top part of the my account section is green but when I click send meter readings, nothing happens 😞
Hi @Polts
I've had a chat with our lovely Member services team about this.
I'm going to send you a DM as it will include some account info, which I don't want to post in this public forum
@Marc, really appreciate your support Marc. Thank you! I will await your DM
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Hi @Polts. Glad its being sorted for you. They really are a lovely bunch always happy to help. Welcome to the community.
@Marc, still waiting for your DM mate
Sent yesterday at 5.56pm 😕
Tap/click on envelope top right of screen
@Marc, still waiting for your DM mate
@Marc, apologies. Completely missed it
No worries @Polts 🆙
@Marc, apologies. Completely missed it