need to speak with someone

  • 20 November 2020
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We need spouki with someone now


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Dunno whether you want help or not but
You're talking to fellow PP customers on this forum, and as such we don't have access to customers accounts. But we will help if we can.

There are no call centres with PP, it is an app-based company.

Please ask a question and we may be able to help. 

Please don't include any personal information. 

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We need spouki with someone now

@Gatis1688 what’s the problem? (I’m using google translate)

kāda ir problēma? ES izmantoju Google tulkotāju

Pure planet do not have telephone centre.
log in. Use help & support, >ask a question or can we help?

Tīrajai planētai nav telefona centra.
piesakieties. Izmantojiet palīdzību un atbalstu,> uzdodiet jautājumu vai mēs varam palīdzēt?

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We need spouki with someone now

Looking forward to this solution 👍👍

Hey @Gatis1688 

Great to see other Members have already jumped in to offer their help :blush:

Just to add, if you’d like to get in touch with our Member Services team, you can select ‘get help and support’ > ‘ask a question’ in your app, or when logged in at 

If you have an emergency, check out all the info in these FAQs for what steps to take depending on the issue :thumbsup: (or post back and let us know if you’d like a bit more help, of course!)


Want to sort the bills out so need to talk to someone to make sure. Please call me ASAP Thanks 


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@Thida Barrett 

As detailed above Pure Planet does not have call centres, all communication is via Wattbot. Account> menu> help and support> ask a question. Replies are not instant usually within three working days

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Want to sort the bills out so need to talk to someone to make sure. Please call me ASAP Thanks 


@Thida Barrett 

hi and welcome to the community.

Can the community help you answer any of your questions? We don’t have access to your account but we may be able to help.

(I don’t work for Pure Planet)

I need someone to contact me please you have sent my final bill as just moved in but I'm not paying it without making sure it's correct first and it's impossible to find a number for this company ! 

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Have you switched to another provider?

Hi @ChelseaA 

Pure Planet are an App-based provider, you will not find a contact number for them.

I’m not quite sure how you can say you’ve been ‘sent your final bill as you’ve just moved in.’ If you have just moved in to a Pure Planet supplied property, then you have ‘inherited’ them as your supplier, the process for dealing with that is detailed here:
Moving in - property supplied by Pure Planet | Community

If, having carried that out you’ve then moved to another provider, the process for that is detailed here:
Switching energy suppliers - what happens when you switch | Community (

Unless of course you/your new supplier has ‘broken’ the system, and switched you before you’ve moved in - which isn’t supposed to happen.


Yes I have and I need to know if my readings are accurate to the charge from the date I moved in to my switch happening

Yes I have and I need to know if my readings are accurate to the charge from the date I moved in to my switch happening

Well, the easiest way to know this is if you took readings on the day you moved in, and the day you switched away.

Does your final statement say your readings are ‘Actual,’ ‘Estimated,’ or ‘Smart’?


They say estimate for May and customer reading for July but I didn't move in until 13th August so this is why I need to check them. Can I not just speak with someone over the phone? 

Pure Planet are an app-based provider - they don’t have a telephone customer support system, everything is done either via the app, or where possible, with assistance here.

Judging by the fact you’ve had estimates for May - July, I would guess you did not sign up when you moved in, and either:

The property was empty for some time after the previous occupier moved out.


The previous occupier didn’t tell Pure Planet they were leaving.

In theory at least, what should have happened is:

Occupier told Pure Planet they were leaving - they receive final bill.

You tell Pure Planet you’ve moved in, provide opening reading, you remain with Pure Planet, and they keep billing you.

You switch away, and they bill you for your usage from when you moved in to the day of the switch.

I’m guessing you switched away without telling Pure Planet who you are?
​​​​​​​Have you got the app, or signed up in any way to Pure Planet?





Potentially. I moved in on 13th August and have had a bill I didn't advise yourselves as I had sorted out my supplier prior to moving in and was told they would let you know. 

How do i get help then as I can't do it via the app as I'm not a customer and I don't want to be giving my personal details over a public forum 


Your previous supplier shouldn’t really have done that, they know about OFGEM’s ‘deemed supplier’ regulations - those regulations exist to ensure you don’t arrive in a home, and have no energy - I’m actually surprised Pure Planet let the transfer go ahead, I’m guessing they thought you were the previous owner/tenant.

All I can suggest, and I can’t guarantee this will work, as it’s designed for landlords, is that you send an email to

Tell them:
When you moved in.
Your opening meter readings, if you have any, and hopefully they can sort this out.

You should not, under any circumstances, post personal details here:

1: As you already know - it’s a public forum.

2: No-one here has access to customer information, so even if you did, it would mean nothing to us.

Kindest regards


I have sent the email and will await a response. 


Pure planet know im not the old tenant as the letter is addressed to the occupier so I can onky assume the bill is from when they were dping work prior to me moving in