• 17 August 2021
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When I recorded my gas reading for July I entered a wrong reading such that I can’t now enter a reading for August as this reading is less that the one i gave for July.

Please help me.

What can I do to rectify this situation?

There is no telephone help line to contact.

A M Lewis


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5 replies

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You need to send a message to the team directly via Wattbot.

If you log in, click 'help' at the bottom, then click 'Ask a question', Then you need to type in 'message the team' .

You can then type in your message add any photos of your meter reading.

Then wait until you see the reply from Wattbot saying 'OK, I've passed our conversation to the team'

please note it’s not a live-chat and it’ll be 2 or 3 working days before they’re able to reply.

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You could try this


Hello @Nye 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Spot on advice here from @Duppy - you can let our team know by tapping ‘help’ > ‘Ask a question’ in your account and typing “I sent the wrong reading”.

I hope this helps, let us know how you get on!

@Nye You could actually do nothing. Provided you input the right reading for the next month it should balance out.

I would go back into app and submit more reads and the system will submit the read and see the other wrong read is a mistake and the bill will be adjusted to the new readings.