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  • 31 August 2021
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can the Pure Planet app handle 2 separate properties and one email address please?


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No, you need to have 1 email address per account. 

So you would need to set your other property with a different email address 

Thank you. Do you have more than one property with PurePlanet? Its all very confusing as the FAQs say they were about to include this functionality years ago.🤔

Hi @Gaynor H 

There are ‘workarounds’ which are described elsewhere here, they basically involve using some email providers’ ability to provide ‘subdivisions’ of an email address.

There’s a guide to how this works:

A little known way to manage your email via sub-addressing |

So, for example, your email address is:

First Name Last Name

You would have

First Name Last Name +House name 1

First Name Last Name +House name 2


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Or if you have broadband thru BT, think you can add around ten email addresses. I do this for my parents, so have my own PP account, and do theirs thru a separate BT email address, all from my iPad. Easy to do, and makes life so much less stressful for older folk 👏👍

Great idea. Thank you!

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You’re very welcome, Gaynor, I hope it works for you 👍

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@Gaynor H 

and just to add under normal circumstances you would not log out (or you could choose not to log out) but if running multiple accounts you’ll need to log out and log into the next one. (So a new login mail each time.)