MSE article on what to do if you've been paying two suppliers.

  • 30 December 2021
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it’s HERE

A fairly comprehensive article and linked to here for information although it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Pure Planet migration.

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Good to raise this @woz It is also a reminder to us all to check what direct debits we have yet should not exist, and/or no payments are being taken any more.

When we end a contract where payments were taken by DD, it could be for a mobile phone account, broadband, interest free loan etc. do we all check our bank account to ensure the DDs are cancelled? I bet many will find there are old ones still there even though no payments are being taken. Worth a regular check to prune out the dead ones. 

My energy supply DD is still showing as being one to pay PP.  Hopefully that will change to Shell in the next few days but we should all check that when it has, there is not by mistake still an old one in place with PP. Probably it will not happen with PP but still check. My next DD is due out on the 1st January which may mean it may be taken on the 4th.

Sad to say that the moment I know all is transferred to Shell 🐚 I suppose I bow out from here and see what awaits in the  🐚 community if there is one.