Moving position of electric meter

  • 25 October 2020
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Hi I'm the landlord of a property, my tenant is with Pure Planet. How do I arrange to have my meter moved to a different position - finding it very difficult to contact the correct company.



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Heres some advice for you:

(I don't work for PP)

i am a landlord how do i contact Pure Planet !!

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Was the link I put on your other post not helpful? 

There are no call centres with PP, it is an app-based company.


Its not possible to contact anyone through the APP without an account. I am the landlord, the tenant has the account.

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hi @Cargreen22  This is legally interesting.  (In other words I’m not  absolutely sure of the answer)

I think the most prudent answer I can suggest is to ask the tenant (account holder) to send a message in the app (go to help+support>ask a question> type message the team), and send a message giving YOUR  email and telephone number and  say that you have their permission to deal with this on behalf of their account, and ask the team at PP to liaise with you over the move. 

The tenant would need to agree as the move may impact their tenancy (unless it’s an imminent safety issue)

I think the team will need to answer this one.

@Marc @Nataly ?

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Later thought..

Is there any reason you cant download the app and use it? You can still use help and support without having an account, (albeit it will ask for your details when you send a query)

An additional point is that if you’re a landlord you’ll eventually need an account anyway.

I swear blind I saw someone post a list of comtact details outside of using the app, but I can't find it now.


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I swear blind I saw someone post a list of contact details outside of using the app, but I can't find it now.


me too and I can’t find it either

there were a few options



email  ?? I’m sure that was on the list.


Hey @woz 

Spot on with the extra options :slight_smile:

@Cargreen22 welcome to the Community! 

You’d also be able to get in touch by downloading the app if you’re able! 

It may also be worth your tenant (the account holder) getting in touch directly as described above - I believe, since they’re the account holder, the works would need to be requested through their account. 

@Angelabikerbabe has also provided a link to our FAQ about getting meters moved and the costs involved :thumbsup:

So I’ve been waiting for a reply to an email for one week. My tenant has not had any response from her contact through the App.

The meter needs to moved as a matter of urgency please please can someone from Pure Planet contact me !!!


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@Cargreen22 Hello 👋 


This was posted by Pure Planet only 4 months ago.  I hope this will help you, it explains everything.  I'm not an employee.  

I would also expect your electrician/builder to know the regulations.   Good luck 👍 


Moving your electricity meter

If you’d like your electricity meter moved less than one metre and within its current backboard, we’re able to carry out this work for you.

Get in touch with our Member Services team by tapping ‘Get help and support’ > ‘Ask a question’ in your account. Type ‘move electricity meter’.
Let them know you’d like your meter moved and they’ll be able to send this through to our metering contractor Magnum Utilities.
Magnum will get in touch by phone to arrange a date and time for the appointment.

If you’d like your meter moved beyond its current backboard (for example, to another wall) you’ll also need to contact your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO). You can check who your DNO is by checking the final page of your welcome pack email or alternatively you can search online.

Your DNO will need to carry out work before we can send our engineers out to finish moving the meter - for example, any cabling and pipework affected by the move.

If you’d like all the work to be completed in one day, you’ll need to arrange for the DNO to carry out their work in the morning, and for Magnum to carry out their work in the afternoon.

Our costs are £126 per meter move if the distance is up to one metre, and £252 if it’s further than one metre. Also, there’ll likely be additional costs from the DNO.

Moving your gas meter

If you’d like your gas meter moved within its pipework’s current reach, we’re able to carry out this work for you.

In your account tap ‘get help and support’ > ‘Ask a question’, type ‘move gas meter’ and send a photo to the team with all the surrounding pipework visible, as well as where you’d like it moved, and they can check this for you.

If the pipework doesn’t need changing, our Member Services team will send this through to our metering contractor Magnum Utilities.
Magnum will get in touch by phone to arrange a date and time for the appointment.

If you’d like your meter moved beyond the reach of the current pipework you’ll need to contact your Gas Transporter as they’re responsible for the cabling and pipework attached to your meter. You can find out who your Gas Transporter is here.

If your gas meter is mounted on a wall, and you’d like it moved to another wall, your Gas Transporter can carry out all this work for you, and we won’t need to attend.

If you have a semi-concealed meter (for example, a gas meter which is in the ground) that you’d like moved to be wall-mounted, or vice-versa, your Gas Transporter will need to carry out their work in the morning and Magnum will need to attend in the afternoon to finish moving the meter.
Our costs are £126 per meter move if the distance is less than one metre, and £252 if it’s further than one metre. Also, there’ll likely be additional costs from the Gas Transporter.

​​Update 31/07/2020 - COVID-19

Magnum Utilities are back to full strength for meter maintenance work.

They’re working within Government guidelines when local ‘spikes’ are reported in different parts of the UK, and new lockdown restrictions come into force.

Update 21/10/2020

Due to the local lockdown restrictions in Wales, Magnum Utilities won’t be carrying out non-emergency metering work until 10 November. 

If your appointment’s been impacted by the new restrictions, they’ll be in touch with you to rearrange a date for your works. 

Thanks for response, I’ve already done this with no reply !!

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just to de-confuse the issue here is the original post (it does get confusing when threads hop around...)

perhaps @Marc  or @Nataly  could give the team a nudge?

I think everyone is missing the point. I am the landlord ,the tenants meter needs to be moved onto a new 3 phase supply, I’ve sent an email - no response ! My tenant has sent a message - no response  !

We have had 3 meters moved by Eon and Ecotricity with no problems. My tenant cannot be responsible to arrange the move as there is a cost to pay which obviously I will be paying.

This situation cannot continue as the old supply needs to be disconnected as a matter of urgency..

Pleade will somebody with authority contact me ASAP before I have a breakdown !!

Thank you 




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no,  everyone is not missing the point,  the point is writ large, you need a job doing and you feel you’re hitting your head against a brick wall because nothing has happened (or is there another point I’ve missed?)

 I suggested a way forward, initially, you’ve had a reply from @Nataly, I mentioned the 2 admin  in the other post  a short while ago so they would pick this up on Monday.

I’m as unhappy as you are that this hasn’t progressed, It’s down to PP to sort this out, I don’t work for them I’m just trying to help. I fully understand your frustration.

Have you asked  your tenant to check if they’ve had a reply in wattbot?

The account and thus the meter is under their control, I don’t make up the rules  (which don’t appear to cover instances such as these so perhaps some common sense thinking is required  here although I suspect it would be the same with any energy provider where the person requesting the change wasn’t the a/c holder??) ...  as I said all it needs is the tenant to send a message saying you have permission to deal with the meter move. 

I think @Marc or @Nataly will most likely arrange for the team to progress this with you. 

(btw I’ve flagged this post because it has your email address in it, this is a public community so not a good idea to post personal details).

Hey @Cargreen22 

Once a WattBot message has been sent through to the team, they’ll reply within 3 working days - so it’s worth checking whether your tenant has now had a reply? :slight_smile:

Also just to let you know I’ve removed your email address from the post, so your personal data isn’t publicly visible :thumbsup: