Moving House / Closing Account / Shell Energy

  • 28 November 2021
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I will be closing my account in mid-December as we have moved house and my tenancy will be ending. I am also in credit over £100.


How do I go about closing my account given the current situation with the switch?

What will happen to the credit that I am in?

How does this work with Shell Energy as we will be closing our account before we have completely moved over to Shell Energy?




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Hi @thewalrus125, take readings when you move out and then chase Shell for a refund. It might take a while, good luck... 

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Just to add if we are still “with” Pp and not fully rolled over there is a move out bit on the app/website that you can complete. 

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make sure you take photos of the meters and readings when you leave, send them to and inform the landlord.- At this stage you don’t know how long it’s going to take for the closure “paperwork” to be produced. I also suggest that as you are likely to receive email communication from Shell that if for  no reason other other than politeness you forward them to the landlord to keep them up to date. 

Hello @thewalrus125 

Thanks for posting! Some really valuable advice here from @woz, @25 quid and @Lapa - you may still be able to use the ‘move out’ function in the app. If you can’t as @woz says grab some photos of the meter readings when you move out and once your account’s set up with Shell you’ll be able to sort it with them. 

I hope this helps!



Please can you closed the account , house sold on 09/12/21 and new people moved in that day

please could someone call me

Hi @karenb1uk 

We cannot ‘close your account,’ we cannot ‘call you’ - we are the Pure Planet Community, not Pure Planet Member Services, we have no access to your account information.

We know nothing about you.

If you want to close the account you will either need to use the ‘Move out’ option in the ‘Account’ section of the app, assuming it still works, as you are expected to notify Pure Planet a couple of days in advance.


Contact Member Services, via ‘Help/Ask a question’ and typing ‘Message the Team’ in the app, assuming that still works.


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You could also take a look at this.



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Make sure you get photos of the meters and readings before you leave if it isn’t too late.