moving home whilst transferring to shell issue

  • 11 November 2021
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hi, i seem to be in limbo, as with everyone im switching to shell energy, still not fully set up though. but im also moving on the 22nd nov. shell have said that they cant supply my energy in my new property and will close my account due to the energy crisis they arent allowed to take on any new customes, but i dontthink i am a new customer, but they said they cant carry my account over to my new address.. anybody else in limbo land like this?


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4 replies

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Once you move into the new property, you will he a deemed customer of whoever the supplier is now, and you should be put on a variable tariff as per Ofgem rules. That variable tariff will be subject to the price cap

Thanks. The supp,ier at the new house is eon next, I got a quote online as a new customer and the only quote/option they gave me was a fixed 2 year rate, which was a bit scary. Hopefully once I'm in and take over the supply I will be eligible for the price cap then. Thanks

Hey @Inlimbo 

I’m sure other Members will jump in with their thoughts too but just from reading your post, make sure with your new supplier that you follow their ‘move in’ process, which is different to getting a normal quote, because you’ll already be a deemed customer. 

Just did a quick search and their info on that is here.  :slight_smile:

Thank you 😊