Moved to Eon now Shell Energy are requesting switch to them

  • 17 November 2021
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I decided in September to switch from Pure Planet to Eon and the switch was confirmed along with my first payment to Eon on 4th October.

I have since received emails from Shell Energy telling me they are my new energy provider.

I called Shell and explained that I was no longer a Pure Planet customer and switched before they went into administration. Today I received an email from Eon saying they are sorry to see me leave!

I called Eon to stop the switch (that Shell had requested from Eon) and then called Shell.

Shell investigated and told me that because I had not been with Eon for more than 21 days then I should be moved to Shell but not to worry, they would out me on a variable tariff and I could choose my new supplier at any time.

I don't want to choose another supplier, I am with Eon and switched because I got a fixed tariff deal that was better than staying with Pure Planet. If Shell persist and manage to change my account from Eon then I will have lost my fixed deal with them. Pure Planet also still have over £100 of my money, who knows where that will end up!

What can I do to ensure I remain an Eon customer and get my money back from Pure Planet?





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If you are fully switched to eon then you need to phone them and get them to block the switch to shell. 

You are proberly still on pp acct info platform of you have not received a final statement and paid/received the last balance amount. 

Any money owed will come from shell which is why they want you to switch to them so they dont have to pay it as it will simply be a credit on the shell acct. 

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I called Eon earlier today and blocked the switch. 

I am concerned that they will continue to attempt to switch me over to them. I am also concerned about where the balance in my Pure Planet account will go


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I suggest you put it in writing  (email would be fine) to e.on (and less importantly to Shell), you need it documented at e.on that you have instructed them under no circumstances to allow the switch to Shell to proceed. If this fails and Shell succeed in moving your account and e.on fail to heed your instructions you may be able to demonstrate to the Ombudsman that you’ve suffered a consequential loss.

This is the first I’ve heard (that’s not to say it does or does not exist, I don’t know) of what appears to be some random 21day rule made up by Shell, I would be more inclined to believe it if it was 14 days as that’s the mandatory cooling off period after which you are contractually obliged. It (the rule) may exist, I doubt it but only Ofgem will know. 

You could also send an email to Ofgem, asking if such a rule exists,

Whatever you do make sure you get everything in writing.

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Thanks for your good advice, I will document it and send over to them.



Hey @Andrew575 

Glad to see the excellent advice you’ve received from other Members already. 

I’d also advise that if you do receive another email that suggests you’re leaving, to contact Eon again to block the switch. Just in case! 

Many energy suppliers, as standard, can request to switch a supply up to 3 times. So best to keep an eye on your emails. 

Your credit balance will be protected, and paid by Shell, once the account and balance transfers are complete. 

Thanks for your good advice, I will document it and send over to them.



Send a copy by good old fashioned post as well. Just to avoid those lame excuses of “We didn’t get your email.” Unless they extend the courtesy of acknowledging your email, some do.

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Thanks all for your excellent advice!!!