• 1 September 2021
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Hello everybody

I moved and the landlord asks me to correct the last invoice because the dates on which I left and that of my statement do not correspond. how should I do it ?


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4 replies

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Here's a faq which maybe of help to you or your landlord:


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I’m assuming the final bill you received had the wrong end date? Your question is a bit vague

If so

Use help>ask a question in your account  when logged in to send a message to PP with details of when you moved out and the meter readings, they may be able to amend the final bill. They may ask for proof etc.


yes because I changed accommodation on August 1 but I returned the keys to the old one on August 16 suddenly by making the change it is the date of August 1 that was taken into account but I need it  invoice until August 16

Hello @Oummaryam 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Spot on advice from @woz here - message the team through WattBot to let them know you were liable for the property until the 16th, if you have any reads for the 16th you can send them these too. The team will then rebill you up until the 16th. 

I hope this helps!