Monthly Membership Fee fluctuation

  • 23 August 2021
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Why does the monthly Membership Fee fluctuate from £6.35 per fuel to £19.05 per fuel to £12.70 per fuel?

I am confused


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hi @Nicola Dean 

a few things here,

the first part is not the answer to your question but I’ll start with this and move on. The monthly fee can or may vary slightly depending on the number of days in the month,  and it’s quoted excluding vat until the vat is added on at the end. You’ll therefore find it doesn’t look  immediately recognisable. or related to what’s quoted on the tariff. 

In your example it does match exactly.( have to add vat)

What I think think may have happened in your case is you have had a consolidated (recalculated) statement which covers more than one month? The figures quoted will be for one month £6.35 + vat at 5% is £6.67, 
£12.70+vat = is 2 months =£13.34 

and £19.05 +vat is 3 months

does that help at all or are you still confused?

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Thank you, that explains it.  

Not confused any more!

My monthly fee stays the same from month to month as a monthly fee regardless of the number of days in the month. It only varies if I change tariff mid month and then it shows an apportioned amount for the periods before and after the change date. It is also of course less per fuel for those on a fixed tariff.

VAT needs to be watched. On the whole the figures we are given are VAT inclusive. I could not work out why a quote from PP a few months back was more than I reckoned my costs would be. Problem was me, I was comparing my before VAT usage with a post VAT quote.

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Thanks for your reply