meter reading as PP are ceasing to trade.

  • 18 October 2021
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PP recently asked us to send them meter reading as they are ceasing. However, we have a smart meter which has been providing them with reading every month for bills. So, do I still need to send them a reading. 


Further, 30mins ago, Shell  wrote to me as they are taking over. They mention about meter reading too. 


Furthermore, on 28 Oct I am moving so how do I cancel with Shell ? 


Many thanks! 



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It’s academic with PP if they are getting smart readings but is it a big deal to send one anyway (in other words why wouldn’t you?) You should send one to Shell when they the meter probably won’t migrate immediately.

As far as moving goes Shell have a process in place but it could be some weeks or longer still before your account is established with them  (unlikely to be established by 28th) so make absolutely sure you take photos of the meters and the readings as near to the day you leave as possible.
Then contact Shell with your details and the photos. I’m sure you’ll be able to search how to do that.




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Many thanks! I did submit a reading today on pp app. 

However, it seems there is no way to contact shell. 

I will take pictures on 27th as new ppl move in on 28th. 

Many thanks!


Hello @Saibharat 

Thanks for posting, @woz is bang on here - fellow Community Member’s just shared a really helpful post on how to contact Shell, check it out here: