Making payment after cancelling direct debit

  • 15 October 2021
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I started to switch away before Pure Planet ceased trading and I cancelled the final direct debit because the amount charged was greatly in excess of the energy used. A revised invoice has been issued but I am now having difficulty finding a means to make payment. Any advice would be appreciated.


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3 replies

Hello @john smith 2345 

Thanks for posting! To make payment for your final bill (if your DD is cancelled) you can still make one-off payments in the app. Tap ‘Manage your balance and payments’ and then ‘Manage Balance’ to do this.

This will be a useful read too:


Thank you, I did try your suggestion but the automated response informed me

“You’ve got a temporary payment plan set up with us. There is nothing else we need to do”

The cancelled invoice was for £132 but my final invoice based on actual readings was only for £82.53, hence the reason I cancelled.

I requested a call back last week but no contact has been made. I’ve asked again but am not hopeful.

Hello @john smith 2345 

If you’ve got an open WattBot discussion with the team you should hear back from them soon. The team take a little longer to reply than usual at the moment, but they’ll definitely get back to you. 

Let us know how you get on!