Letter from EDF states they supply my electricity, but they don't

  • 25 February 2021
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I received a letter today from EDF stating “We’re currently supplying your home with electricity” and goes on to request I call them to discuss the best tariff.

I’ve been with Pure Planet for over 3 years and have no intention of changing suppliers atm.

I’m guessing this is a fishing expedition by EDF, but wondered if anyone else had recieved similar letters.

I did try and raise this through the help system, but didn’t have the stamina to get past the answer-bot!



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14 replies

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Hi Mike

If you haven't had any conmunication from PP in relation to you leaving them, then this definitely sounds like a scam.

Hey @Hairy Cream 

Nope, EDF are telling porkies. I’ve checked this out with our Member services team - you’re def on supply with PP :slight_smile:

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@Hairy Cream 

This is very slightly tongue in cheek, but only slightly…

It can’t be a fishing expedition because that would be illegal and edf wouldn’t knowingly attempt to mislead you as they would be in big big trouble with the regulator for doing that.

I think it could however be a mistake. (which is a  bit of a worry..)

To be on the safe side can you check your meter serial (on the front of the meter) against what’s on your PP statements?

@woz Thanks for the suggestion to check the meter serial numbers.

Both gas and electric meter serial numbers match those indicated in my PP supply docs.

So, time to put the EDF letter in the shredder I guess!

I gotta ask….. your username @Hairy Cream :laughing: What/why etc ?!

All the info here:

Sit down and prepare before reading, but well worth it! 😉 

@Marc … I was looking for a name to use for a testing site… and opened the fridge … :)

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Hi @Hairy Cream 

Just to say I think EDF are sending out thousands of these letters to customers of Green Energy, which recently went into administration. That doesn't explain why they think you were with Green Energy, it just explains why these letters are in existence, and being sent in great numbers.


@Marc … I was looking for a name to use for a testing site… and opened the fridge … :)

Well! I did ask… :sweat_smile:

I’ve finally got to the bottom of this (probably).
The house I live in was once split into two flats, but converted back into one dwelling about 15-20 years ago. I discovered this when checking the MPAN with UK Power (the local electricity distributor), and was given two MPAN numbers for the address.

The resolution was fun, I had to call EDF and get them to request UK Power remove the dormant MPAN. EDF wanted the meter serial number for the meter that was presumably removed 15-20 years ago.
I’ll let you imagine how that conversation went!

Joy, just had another laugh at the review. 🤣


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Joy, just had another laugh at the review. 🤣


Best laugh I've had in ages 😂😂🤣

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Thought it didn’t get much attention the first time… 😉 

V V funny!