• 16 August 2021
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I wish to leave pur planet due to massive increases in unit costs


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Hi, we are the PP community (we don't work for PP or have access to your account details). Let's see if we can help though!

Energy costs have gone up a lot over the past year. See @Chris Alliott 's + @Marc's blog posts regarding this here and here. Variable rate unit costs are going up across all energy suppliers, not just PP.

You can easily leave Pure Planet by finding another energy company you'd like to supply your gas / electricity and initiating a switch through their phone helpline or online system. A guide by @Nataly is in the Pure Planet Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Hi @Daveelaine 

Welcome to the Pure Planet Community.

There are 2 parts to this, please do not waste your time reading part 2 if part 1 applies.

Have you applied to switch away from Pure Planet and they have asked you to provide feedback on why you decided to leave?
If so, is “I wish to leave pur[e] planet due to massive increases in unit costs” - your feedback?

If ‘1:’ does not apply, please read this:


I’m not really sure what you’re expecting me to say.

This isn’t Pure Planet’s actual ‘Member Services Team’ - we’re your fellow customers.

The increase in Energy Costs, is largely out of Pure Planet’s hands, in fact it’s such an issue in the Energy Sector that OFGEM have recently announced the Price Cap is increasing.

If you wish to leave you need to find someone you wish to switch to, presumably you’ve found someone cheaper? 

You need to apply to switch to them, and all going well - 17 days later, you’re gone.
The basic guide to leaving is here: How do I leave Pure Planet? | Community

Sorry to lose you, but the decision is yours to make, and yours to action, we can’t do very much to help you leave.

Kindest Regards


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ALL suppliers are increasing their prices, not just PP

Hey @Daveelaine, have you left the building already? 

Hello @Daveelaine 

Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the Community!

Thanks everyone for giving some great advice, hopefully we can welcome you back in the future @Daveelaine:slight_smile: