Is there a still way to contact someone at PP customer service?

  • 10 January 2022
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Hello everyone. I need to contact someone from PP as I haven't yet received back the outstanding credit   amount (around £200) there was in my account when I switched provider, back in October 2021. I switched away a week/ten days before it was taken over by Shell power and unfortunately seem to have been left in a limbo. Although the final bill shows my account is in credit MY new provider says it is PP or shell that are supposed to issue the refund, but shell won't recognise me as a customer as my  switching request dated before they took over…

Has anyone found themselves in a similar situation?

any advice on whom to contact for resolving this matter

many thanks 

3 replies

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There is a way of contacting PP customer service, but in this instance they won't be able to help you.

All refunds of credit will be made by Shell. At the moment they are concentrating on transferring the active accounts, once they are set up Shell will then request any credits in customers accounts and applied to each account. Only then will Shell be able to process your refund, as, because you are not an active PP/Shell customer, they don't have your details. It will be refunded, but I'm afraid it's a waiting game

Hello @auroraelle 

Thanks posting! Some fab advice from @Duppy here -Shell will refund you hopefully in the next couple of weeks. 

I hope this helps!

Thank you @Duppy and @Mads . Yes, I guess they must be very busy at the moment, sorting out all their acquired customer accounts!  I’ll wait another few weeks before starting to panic ;-D  . From the dates I was given by PP and my new supplier, it looks like I’ve been a “Shell Customer” for just about four days, before the switch became effective on the 21th October, but hopefully Shell will have my details somewhere the in their files!

Thanks again for your advice!