Is switching to Pure Planet worth the hassle?

  • 6 December 2017
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I don't think so. After extensive research the quote from Pure Planet was the best (marginally). Having gone through the sign up process to switch, then the problems start with their website/software. The link provided to complete the process, returns an error from my android mobile. Tried downloading Google Chrome to see if that changed anything; NO it didn't. Next tried to download app on my iPad. That worked and activated link to complete the switch. Only problem is I now get an error that I haven't answered all of the personal info required (step 1), in spite of the fact I HAVE.

Have now spent 3 hours trying to activate the switch to Pure Planet, I give up. You cannot call them or email them for assistance, so IMHO it's a crap service. They can contact me and find a solution, otherwise tomorrow, I shall go and switch to the next best alternative, which was only a few quid more per annum.

Pure Planet: Convince me I am wrong but as things stand, your service is unfit for purpose!

7 replies

I Agree wholeheartedly! I finally got it sorted but I sincerely hope their service is better than this if not I'll be changing soon. I echo the fact that there is no obvious place to e-mail/talk/anthing!! to vent frustration with a poor service
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Hi @PaulaP,
Sorry to hear about the issues you had! Which Android device and operative system do you use please? That will help me to investigate this with the team and get it sorted for you. Just to let you know, you can chat with us via Wattbot which is in the Help section of the app by typing 'chat with the team' once you're set up.

Hi @Cncrules, I've answered your direct message on your experience and have asked some questions in order to learn a little more about your experience.
After another wasted 2 1/2 hours this morning to no avail, I finally gave up and selected an alternative supplier. It was so simple and took 2 minutes only to confirm switch in energy suppliers. They were only very marginally more expensive than Pure Planet. Pure Planet need to get their software sorted!
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Sorry to hear that you haven't had a good experience @PaulaP. If you ever do return, let me know and I can see if I can help. I also asked a little on what device you use above, which would really help us to learn what went wrong and how we can improve things 🙂
I have signed up for two accounts and the app installation / activation worked an treat.

So in my experience it's the easiest sign up process going!
so far NO ! - agree the sign up process rasonably painless, I did think carefully about whether the concept of mobile only was for me and decided it was I do all my banking by app etc....

unfortunately after signing up I've heard nothing, and can't get any update/status - didn't receive a welcome pack (waiting nearly 2 weeks) will give it a few more days before finding another supplier.

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hi PaulaP - who did you go with ?
Hi @Jonathana
I've just sent you a DM and replied to your post on this thread about WattBot delays. I have flagged this with the team and they're checking it out