incorrect final meter reading (estimated dispite a representative take an actual read)

  • 2 August 2021
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The gas reading is wrong. - you sent a representative out last week and I also took a reading. The reading of 46731 taken on the 5th is correct as we we have used zero gas since then. By using an estimate you are over charging me. 


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are you switching or moving out?

What is the difference in readings?

Have you taken photos of the meter showing readings?

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Hey @MDSF and welcome to the Community. 

@woz has asked some questions that’ll be really useful in helping us to answer your question. :slight_smile:  

The Community’s separate to your energy account, but we’ll be able to help advise or point you in the right direction! 

If this is from you switching suppliers, it’s worth noting whenever you switch, your readings go through a validation process with an independent verifier. It may be that we were given estimated readings to use instead - there’s more info all about that in our FAQs, which may help? 




This is not a complicated issue….


I’m switching away from PP.  I took a final gas meter read but the app wouldn’t accept it - probably because it was lower than an estimate PP had calculated (we stopped needing to use gas because of the weather a month ago).  A meter reader man was sent out to take a reading (he took the same number I tried to submit)...he said that it was likely he had been sent out because of the estimate/actual discrepancy.  So I was expecting that number to have been palled to my final bill - but it wasn't a new estimate has gone in which means Im getting charged unnecessarily.


I’ve emailed PP but no response.


If I could talk to someone this could have been sorted in 1min...

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How far out are the readings? As @Nataly  points out above, the readings are sent for independent validation, and the validation process involves historical use. The validated figure is then sent to PP as your final readings and your new supplier as your start readings. Has your new supplier used the same readings?

You could ask your new supplier to raise a reading dispute, but there are is a tolerance of 125 m3 gas units within which the validated readings must be used.

Well, I’ve now left pureplanet and frankly glad I have. I’ve had no answer from their team to the above, have been overcharged and have found no way to resolve this. It’s not a large amount so will be putting it down to my poor choice of provider. . I hope someone here takes note and solves this simple problem for other people. My new provider, equally as green, has already been more helpful - and you can actually talk to people. I shouldn’t have had to spend all this time for something that is so basic - this is DIY utilities at their worst.  Marking this as resolved about sums it all up

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@Mark F What reading did the new provider start from?

If it was the same as PP used and PP’s units were cheaper it will have resolved in your favour..

If you sent a query to customer services did they reply and if so what was their reply?

 Marking this as resolved about sums it all up

Considering you hadn’t responded in the thread in 28 days, I think presuming that the situation was ‘resolved’ was a reasonable assumption.
I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I would have expected that if you’d been in touch with Member Services and got nowhere, or your new supplier had failed to solve the issue with the third-party verifiers - you’d have come back and complained about the lack of a resolution before today.

Hopefully the third-party verifiers provide a more satisfactory reading for you next time you switch.