I was given my entire buildings meter reading instead of my flat

  • 23 August 2021
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I have no access to my meter readings and I think I was given the buildings meter reading, as in the whole buildings meter reading as opposed to my flat specifically. 


Pure Planet was asking for an updated meter reading and has for awhile but no one in the building has access to their meters only the letting agent does, so when I did ask for an updated one I needed to ask on my behalf. I was given the number that I assumed was correct again because I have no access and put the number in the pure planet form asking for the updated reading. I checked my bill today and the debit is suddenly well over £800 which seems way too much electricity use for a small city centre flat. I have called today to request a new meter reading from my letting agent but need to wait a few days before it’s emailed to me. 

Although my monthly bill was still the usual amount of £23.82 I also see in my debit I have been charged £860.04. In the previous months I have never used near the amount of energy that this bill says.



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Do you have any meter reading history showing in your account on the PP App? If so have the reading numbers increase progressively, or have there been any gaps in readings that might have led to the sudden jump in your bill you’ve described? £23 a month is a low monthly payment, £6.67 of that is made up of the Monthly membership fee, so only about £16 is being paid off your energy usage (assuming only electricity only here).
I think that if you submit an incorrect reading you only have a limited time to resubmit, so that probably isn’t an option if a debit has now been generated. In that case contacting PP through Help - Ask a question (it’s about half way down the help page) When I type “Wrong reading” Wattbot replies: “If you think you've sent an incorrect reading we can sort that out for you.  Let us know the correct reading by tapping the button below. I'll guide you through the steps.” Below this you will see a button that says “Correct my reading”. Obviously you will need to work out what the correct meter reading is from your letting agent first, and as a matter of urgency, maybe getting access yourself and taking a photo. Come back to us again if you have problems with getting the reading corrected via Wattbot.

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you need to tell your letting agent that you need a photo of the meter showing the serial number on the front of the meter and preferably a photo showing the reading too so PP can identify that the readings are for your meter.

But, even if you do that...

At this stage you have no means of knowing that particular meter is actually connected to your flat, you only have the letting agent’s word for that. The only way to establish that it is wired to your flat is to do a load test (get someone to watch the meter while you switch the kettle (or electric shower or something that takes a lot of power ) on and off a few times and see if that particular meter responds every time.

Also to pull the main breaker in the flat and see if that meter measures nothing is a secondary  (or primary) check.

Can you post the numbers of your meter readings on here? The date and the real readings (not estimates) and someone will tell you if they look reasonable. (bearing in mind there are lots of if’s)

£23 is low but if there is only you in the flat it’s possible, otoh if you’re growing funny plants and taking 6 showers a day, it could be much higher (that was a joke )

Post back?