I can't enter my metre readings!

  • 27 October 2020
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i am trying to enter my first meter readings. i haven't got the app so trying to do from safari browser. however when i click the login link (from your latest email) or when i go directly to login page from browser the page just appears as blank. you are emailing telling me this is the last chance to give my reading but i can't. i have twice emailed you the the meter readings but you are not responding to those emails. you just send another email to tell me you want my metre readings. please help.

5 replies

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hi @df1 

if you responded (replied) to the mail asking for opening readings PP almost certainly will have the readings, I think the important thing here is to get you logged in so you can see your account.

Have you logged in OK from the link in the email after entering your email on the login page? 

if so look in the top right corner, is there anything there?

Are you doing this on a phone or tablet or on a computer?

no if i try to log in the page is blank. there is a hamburger menu in top right hand corner that opens when i click it but all links from this open another blank page. 

I'm doing on apple comp.. using safari browser.

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@df1 can you try a different browser, perhaps chrome, I’m wondering if it’s a browser issue?

late edit...Either that or your account isn’t set up yet...

Hey @df1 

Have you previously been able to log in and view your account information successfully? 

Just to check - it sounds like you can log in OK, but then can’t view any information e.g. under balance and payments or meter readings? 

It’s worth checking whether you’re using a VPN - that may be blocking information from showing?