Hive Reciever Wiring Help

  • 11 January 2022
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Firstly apologies for the incorrect section choice, I’ve failed in finding the correct one being new to the forum.


I’m looking for help regards fitting a new program unit made by hive to our existing programmer backplate.


The back plate looks correct in size and fitting but how do I know if the wiring is correct?

My existing setup has no wired room thermostat so I’m hoping to merely swop over the programmer for the hive unit.

My existing unit is a Grasslin Towerchron QE2

My new unit is a Hive Active Heating 2.

Im supplying a picture of my original back plate that I’m hoping to attach my Hive unit 2.

Going by internet reading it looks as I might be lucky for a straight swop, can anyone confirm this for me

many thanks in advance

Original Baclplate

Original Programmer 

3 replies

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hi Simon

No, no one should be prepared to confirm not without a lot more information. Have you looked at the Hive website?

IMPORTANT      Have you checked if your existing boiler is compatible?

Have you installed anything else, receiver hub?

You say you don’t have a thermostat, no room stat or do you mean you’ve replaced it with a remote stat? or none?)

Do you currently have a mid port valve to control the ch/hw (only asking/checking because terminal 3 has a wire on it currently)

I’ve attached some info which should help, 

The relevant parts are in screenshots below (only if it’s wired like I think it is)

and see attached 





Thanks for the reply


Boiler is not on the non compatible list.

I have no hun yet, was going to buy the Hive thermostat with receiver /controller and hun in one go.


Honestly I do not know about the valve!


we have a boiler outside in the garage and a hot water cylinder inside the house, am I to presume the large looking valve inside next to the water container is the part you speak of? 

ill take a photo later today.

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You do know that there are live electrical connections on that backplate?

Make sure you turn off the power before you do anything.

Looking at your wiring it’s very likely to be a straight swap if  you have a mid position valve,  the valve will have 3 pipe connections.

I think given what I can see you’ll be OK, but you can’t expect anyone to tell you for sure  because they can’t check the actual wiring remotely.

Also and quite important if it’s going to act as a thermostat you need to consider the position carefully, not in direct sunlight, not over or near a source of heat, roughly at head height etc.