help - moving house and saying its charging me £60?!

  • 9 December 2021
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I am moving house and my tenancy will be ending tomorrow 

It says to fill in move house form but is going to charge me £60.00 exit fee as it’s closing my account - i don’t want to close my account I’d like to take my electric with me but can’t cause PP are closing?! 

Why should I be charged if it’s not my fault they can’t carry it over - what should I do?? 



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7 replies

Am in the same boat - but it’s saying I will get charged £60 fee for cancelling contract. Am not cancelling it am moving and can’t get it moved over yet… ?? 

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 Usually you can't take your energy accounts with you, what normally happens is that you close your PP account, and if still in contract pay an exit fee,  you become a deemed customer of whoever the supplier is at the new property, and then if you switch back to PP you get the exit fees back. However as PP has ceased to trade you will be unable to switch back, but as Shell are responsible for your account since 17 October, you are on a variable tariff with no exit fees.

You need to contact PP customer service via Wattbot in the help section of your account.

First type message the team and ask about the exit fee there, you should get a message that your question has been passed to the team, replies are not instant usually within two working days 

You may also find this useful.



Thank you kindly I have messaged the Team to get some help as it’s all confusing. I’ve spoke to Shell and they couldn't explain what to do and just said I need to wait for new account to be set up, but if I don’t go with them I don’t get my Blue Planet Exit Fee back.

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As suggested, send a message via wattbot and ask them to remove the £60 penalty.

Since you don’t have the option of getting it back when signing up to PP at your new place (which you would have had PP still been in business) I’m sure PP will remove the penalty. (A similar thread has come up previously and they said they were not going to charge the fee, BUT the circumstances were slightly different so I can’t be 100% sure).

The decent thing to do would be to remove it and they are decent. It’s just a matter of making sure the relevant final bill gets to Shell, or Shell will say you owe it.

If eventually you get a message from the team saying they aren’t going to charge it ask them to confirm by email so if anything untoward happens at Shell’s end you can show them the email.


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Am in the same boat - but it’s saying I will get charged £60 fee for cancelling contract. Am not cancelling it am moving and can’t get it moved over yet… ?? 


answered in your other post..

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@HLB There are some provisions that ban the charging of exit fees in circumstances such as we have now. Pure Planet should drop the charge/refund it. It may be they credit your account, the credit gets transferred to Shell and Shell  do the refund. It will take time.

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Hi @HLB 

Thanks for posting here on the Community.  I’ve merged your reply to another thread into this post, just to keep things tidy :slight_smile:  

You’ve had some great advice, thanks to @Duppy , @woz and @G4RHL - so just to confirm, you won’t be charged an exit fee.

Pure Planet will final bill you up to 16 October 2021, you won’t be charged exit fees on that bill, and then you’ll be billed by Shell on their variable tariff until your move out date.  Shell’s variable tariff for ex-Pure Planet members doesn’t have exit fees either.

I hope this puts your mind at ease, HLB, but do get in touch via Wattbot if you’d like to chat to Member Services about this or have any other concerns.

Jenny :slight_smile: