Gas Meter Move

  • 13 October 2020
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I am looking to move my gas meter from inside a kitchen unit to the wall immediately outside as part of some renovations. I have contacted Magnum Utilities as the app directs me to do, however they are saying they cannot find any Pure Planet account for me.  On my latest statement there. Is no account/ customer number which is what they say is required.  

is there any way I can find this information or at least something that will show Magnum that I have a Pure Planet account? 


2 replies

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You would probably need to contact your local gas distributor to get this work done and they would also move the meter too.  I know this is the case in Scotland with SGN who is the gas distributor.

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Hi @CBridge73 

If the gas meter move involves moving the supply pipework, this needs to be done by your gas transporter.

This link will provide further information