Gas frustration

  • 15 September 2017
  • 1 reply

I switched my electricity to PP 3 months ago and was tied into a gas contract with British Gas at the time.

I would now like to switch my gas to PP but am told this isn´t possible, which I find quite astonishing and rather frustrating!

1 reply

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Hi @HerbEppel,
Thanks for letting us know about this. As we’re still developing our service, we’ll continue to explore more ways we can welcome members join up with Pure Planet. At the moment, members can only join up if they switch gas and electricity at the same time.

Your situation is definitely one that we recognise though and the team are investigating how we can implement this and other changes to make things easier. If/when I have an update on this specifically, I’ll let you know!

Really great to have your feedback and please keep it coming @HerbEppel, as it helps us to improve. Anything else we should know about?