• 8 April 2021
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Does anybody else in this community find it frustrating to get issues resolved by only by way of the Whatbot? So far I have been trying for weeks to get an invoicing error sorted via this method and have continued to fail. Any other options suggestions other than to go to the press or ombudsman?

7 replies

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More ways to get intouch with PP:

Is there anything us in the community can help with , we are a helpful bunch , however we don't have access to customers accounts ( Without posting personal details)?

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To be quite honest then no, I’ve found it easy and without sounding like a no it all, I joined this great community prior to joining up and tested the communication out.

Did you first type/prefix your message with “Message the Team”? If not do so and you will get a response within 2/3 business days. Try that and head straight back if that doesn’t work cos your fellow members will pitch in if thats not worked.

Plus you can always send a DM to Nat or Marc PP’s community managers who do not have access to your account.

If in doubt keep shouting in a nice way and lots of peeps ready to pitch in.

I don't work for PP and been a member like yourself for over 2 years.

Whats the billing problem, if you want to share that is?

Have a great day its sunny out there



Hi @EH-IC 

Sorry to hear you’re frustrated - I flagged this with our team to check your WattBot chat has gone through to them OK. 

They let me know Edward from the team last replied to you on 6 April asking for further information. It looks like your replies from today (8 April) have successfully been received - it’s worth noting that it isn’t a live chat facility, the team will reply to you within two working days, and send you an SMS notification to let you know. :thumbsup:

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@EH-IC There is always the possibility you may not know that PP have replied to you. When I first joined and had some queries I was not getting a reply. I expected to receive a reply by email or text or at least be sent a message to say a reply  had been posted. It was only that by chance I logged into the app to find there was a reply waiting for me. Hardly a helpful approach for customers but PP are not alone working this way. I have found a couple of internet banks do the same. They reply but don’t tell you they have replied making the presumption that you will access the app every 10 minutes or so.

I tend not to use the app for queries now to avoid the frustration of the system. I have learned that just about all possible queries that could arise, have arisen with somebody else and the answers can be found in these pages from the helpful bunch contributing here. I have looked at many fora when I had queries on a subject but this is one of the best I have come across. Made so by its contributors and their approach to people’s concerns. Mind you it is a novel way of providing help pages at little or no cost to the company!

There is another side and that is that we, as users, have active hands on experience of the product which provides information to the company they probably would not otherwise amass. Similarly Philips Hue have a panel of beta testers running beta versions of the Hue app and also trying out new products before they come to market. It is clearly an economic way of testing a product.

Thus it irritates when users come steaming in at full throttle (not in your case I stress) annoyed with their experience believing this is PP.  Making that mistake is understandable but I am not sure how it can be avoided other than a great big warning on the opening page but I don’t think that would be a good idea.

You are not alone with your experiences with the contact system though! The core product, the reason we joined PP is fine.

One day the App might tell you a reply is waiting…


Thanks for all the answers so far. I do not have the app installed and I certainly do not have the spare time to check the site every 10 min. When I do get the chance of available time I am looking to go and get the issue resolved … this is my frustration that I cannot get clarity in the time that I need. However here has not been any indication (that I can remember) to mark the messages “for the team” but that could be the way around to help. Like a lot of systems, when it works well there are no issues and all is good.

I understand @EH-IC.

If the bot hasn’t solved the issue, or said it’s passed your enquiry to the team, you’ll not get any further response. The trick if that applies, it to type Message the team, then a human will get back to you in a few days.